Making Progress!

Yesterday was the last day of my 28 day detox diet. I am honestly really surprised that I managed to stay so dedicated with it! There were some really tempting moments, but I am thankful for the resolve to stick with it! So today I went to my doctor to figure out where to go from here. Unfortunately my liver is not entirely cleared out, there is some slight inflammation remaining. She didn’t want me to start trying out food that would slow down the recovery process. I told her what foods I wanted most to add back into my diet, and thankfully they are all pretty clean foods that shouldn’t cause a problem. What does this mean?


I’ve missed my morning cup of coffee a lot, and am really excited to try it out tomorrow. However, this has been a good experience because I’ve noticed that without coffee, I am sleeping better and generally feel less nervous and stressed. I surmise that I kept drinking more coffee to give me the energy I needed, but was lacking due to these health issues. So I am going to be careful to keep it in moderation and not rely on it to get me through the day.

In addition to coffee, I can also have beef, cheese, eggs, and butter!

So today I had a delicious stir fry with eggs and pineapple. I was a bit skeptical about the pineapple, but had heard good things about it in stir fry and wanted to try it out. It was very good! It wasn’t the best stir fry ever—I had that last week—but it was pretty darn good. I liked the sweetness of the pineapple, it was a nice change. And I was happy to get in some extra protein with the eggs!

IMG_1376.JPGI will continue taking the daily probiotic supplement , basically indefinitely. And although I haven’t had many good things to say about the macronutrient powder I’ve been taking, I actually think I might buy more of it because it is a fast and easy way to get fit a meal into a busy schedule. It has come in handy when I have crazy day and no time to make food. So while it might not be an enjoyable meal, at least it is a wholesome source of nutrients! Better than not eating or stopping for fast food.

Anyways…that’s my detox update. I am off now to enjoy my butter, cheese, and coffee ; )




2 thoughts on “Making Progress!

  1. Hey, that’s awesome! I’m so happy for you! To think you can wake up and drink COFFEE! : D You worked so hard and I’m super glad you get a little reward : ) Enjoy your luxuries! *P.S. Sorry for eating stuff you couldn’t in front of you : P
    ❤ Emma


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