Health Status Update

Last week I was able to add eggs, butter, cheese, and coffee back into my diet. The eggs were the only thing my doctor thought might cause an allergic reaction. I had eggs twice last week and didn’t really notice anything.

I’ve been trying to start exercising more, I was “assigned” to do some neck exercises this weekend, along with my yoga block and wall planks. I think I’ll be getting more instructions today! I also attempted to do some cardio workouts, which was sort of an epic failure due to my incredibly bad coordination. So…I guess I just need to persevere until it gets better, but for a perfectionist like me, that will be a painful experience!

My sleep the last few nights has been okay, but not as good as it has been throughout the last month. I think I noticed it because I’ve become so used to have a really good night’s sleep! I am trying to be careful with my coffee intake, as I suspect that is causing more sleep issues than I had realized.

But on a positive note, I am definitely noticing higher energy levels! I’ve had some long work days last week, and still came home to work for several more hours, rather than crashing out of pure exhaustion. I am usually a night-owl, so having energy that lasts all day and into the evening means that I am getting back to normal.

That is all. This post was mostly for my own benefit as I am trying to keep track of how things are going with my new food introduction and such.

Peace out.


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