What’s This Thing Called Breakfast?

I’m famous (well, “famous” in a limited sense…) for my complete disregard of breakfast. I am rarely hungry in the morning and food just doesn’t seem appealing. I don’t begin getting hungry until at least 9am, usually later though. But with the onset of cold weather, I’ve been wanting some hot breakfast cereal, oddly enough. I don’t get it because I have never been fond of foods like oatmeal. I realized though that this would be a nice fallback meal for when I don’t have time to prepare anything else. I did get a muesli mix from Bob’s Red Mill and had it once, only to find that it contains gluten. There are so many things to keep track of when looking at labels, I apparently forgot to check for that! So last week I went searching again, and found a hot cereal mix with ancient grains, flaxseed, and chia seeds. I am trying to limit my carb intake, so I figured this mix would at least have a better balance of carbs and protein. And in the words of Sherlock, it was “surprisingly okay.” Actually, it was quite good! The cereal is supposed to cook for about 15 minutes, and then sit for a few more minutes. I added some apple in the last 5 minutes of cooking, along with cinnamon and raisins. This gave everything time to “steep” together. Rather than cooking the cereal in almond milk (as the box suggested), I just used water but then added a dash of almond milk when I ready to eat it. Good stuff!

Despite my ambivalence about breakfast, I think this is going to be a good meal for when I’m out all day (as I will be today) and will just be snacking until I get home this evening.

Add a cup of coffee (which I am enjoying right now!) and this is a pretty good breakfast experience! 🙂


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