More Food!

So I had my doctor’s appointment today, and it went really well! She was very happy with the progress on my core strength, and the yoga block/neck exercises have helped a lot as my adjustment was much less painful than some have been! I also started doing neuromuscular therapy, I’ll be alternating between that and the accupressure therapy I’ve been doing. The accupressure therapy is just like über relaxing, whereas the neuromuscular therapy is a bit more intense! It was slightly painful, in the good way, like when you have a sore muscle and you massage it to try to work out the stiffness.

Now that we’ve introduced beef, dairy, and eggs, without any reaction, there isn’t really anything left to try, haha. We talked a lot about what my eating habits should look like going forward. And you probably won’t care too much about this, but I am making it a blog post for my own reference, haha.

I definitely need to be 100% gluten free. Like, basically no exceptions.

Some dairy is okay, but try not to do too much. I’m definitely going to continue with my dairy substitutes, like almond and coconut milk. If I have dairy, it will probably be a small amount of cheese, sour cream, etc…but not a lot of it.

I’ve been very careful to stay 100% organic since my allergic reaction. Which means…I’ve been eating completely organic for over 6 weeks! In some ways it seems like forever, but in other ways it seems like I just started yesterday, haha. But anyways, now that my digestive system is “reset” with the detox diet, some unorganic food is acceptable, but just not much. I am relieved to know that eating one unorganic meal isn’t going to cause a severe allergic reaction, but that also should be exception, not the rule. So I plan to buy all organic food, and just eat unorganic occasionally. It has been difficult when I am at parties or meetings where all my friends are eating and I have to bring my own food or just watch them eat! So it will be nice to be able to participate in social eating activities again! 🙂

Although grains are okay (as long as it is wheat/gluten free), I am going to try to stay pretty paleo. I definitely notice a difference when I eat carb-heavy meals as opposed to veggie and protein heavy meals.

The detox diet was also a good experience because now I know how it goes if I want to do another detox sometime. I figure that if there’s time when I can’t eat as well, for whatever reason, I can the detox afterwards to help get my system back to normal, and prevent the build-up of problems that caused my reaction.

After a very limited diet for the last 6 weeks, I am honestly excited to start experimenting with more gluten-free, paleo meals! 🙂

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