Sweet Potato Truffle Balls

With the holiday season upon us, I am excited to try some healthier treats. My first experiment was with Sweet Potato Truffle Balls. These are for my family’s Christmas tree trimming party tomorrow. I wanted to make sure there’d be enough for the gaggle, so I avoided any recipes with a lot of nuts or nut butters because that gets pretty expensive. I still haven’t had my fill of fall flavors, and the idea of sweet potatoes as the base for these “truffles” sounded pretty good! There’s a cookie recipe I want to try out, but since I didn’t have time to make anything until 9.30 tonight, I figured I should go simple.

My truffle batter is chilling in the fridge right now, I’ll finish it tonight or tomorrow morning. I improvised by adding raisins and chocolate chips too. I’ll also be rolling them in the shredded coconut as suggested by the recipe. I played around with the sweeteners, and used a combination of agave nectar, honey, and maple syrup. 

Update: I just checked on the truffles, and after over half an hour in the fridge, it hasn’t solidified at all. I have this bad habit of not tasting food while I make it (a habit which makes no sense, I admit) so I sampled the dough. It lacked some sweetness, and just had a strong sweet potato flavor. So I added a bit more honey. I also decided to put the shredded coconut into the batter. I’m not sure why, it was just an impulsive intuition I guess, haha.

Anyways…I am hopeful that they’ll turn out to be at least tolerable! I’ll update with pictures tomorrow!

Update 2: My sister was kind enough to take pictures as I making the truffles, but my WordPress phone app isn’t cooperating, so I can’t upload photos. So…final verdict: Eh.

They were okay, but not that compelling. I felt like the sweet potato taste was too strong, and not sweet enough. I’d be interested to try with homemade sweet potato puree, to see if there’s an improvement. But I probably wouldn’t make them again. :-/


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