Herein thiIMG_4028s blog are chronicled the adventures of a 20-something year-old girl as she tries to make healthy living a habit.

The impetus for this change came with a sudden and severe food allergy reaction. You gain a different perspective on food when you realize that the wrong food can truly put your life in danger. I was fortunate to find a great holistic doctor who is helping me become a healthier person. At first I was overwhelmed by the thought of having a restricted diet, but I am really trying to see this as an opportunity to invest in my future by eating well now. I’d rather forgo some unhealthy food today if it means I will have a healthier and happier life! So this blog is part of that resolution to see this as a positive development in my life! I will enjoy this challenge a lot more if I have a place to write about my endeavors.

What exactly is “healthy” for me? Everyone has their own opinion about what good eating means. For me right now, about 5 weeks after my allergic reaction, “healthy” means a very restricted detox diet of organic veggies, fruit, fish, and gluten-free grains. Long-term, after the detox is done, “healthy” is probably going to be gluten-free, dairy-free (mostly), and paleo.

Oh, and I have another blog, Veritas et Libertas, where I write about politics, economics, literature, philosophy, and many other subjects. So feel free to check that out as well! : )



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