Making It Up As I Go

In my new food endeavors, I have realized that I am not really into recipes. I look for recipes just to give me ideas, and then I basically do my own thing. It is kinda like the Doctor, as he and his friends were confronted with the Weeping Angels, he assured everyone he had a plan. When River inquired as to the details of his plan, he admitted, “Don’t know yet, I haven’t finished talking.” So my plans for cooking basically happen as I am doing it. Things just happen. Anyways…This means I probably won’t post a lot of recipes, as proper recipes, but simply just ideas for meals that are a rough sketch of recipes.

Case in point…

I’ve found it works well to make a huge pot of soup on the weekend, because then I have plenty of meals for my week. Since I’d been eating chili for nearly two weeks, I decided to do something different for this week. This soup turned out to be my “everything” soup. I literally spent 2 hours throwing together everything I could find in my kitchen.

It started with sautéing some garlic and onion in olive oil. After that, I added a little water and veggie broth with carrots and sweet potatoes. As these things cooked, I just continued adding other ingredients. I had a few partial bags of frozen veggies, so I decided to use those up. Since I was cooking chicken for some other meals, I threw some of that in, too. For more protein, I put in a can of kidney beans. As I was going, I made sure to put in plenty of seasonings. Lots of salt, pepper, all-purpose seasoning, and basil. Of course it needed more liquid with all this other stuff, so I added more water, veggie broth, and a bouillon cube.

I was thinking you could also add quinoa, rice, or another grain (or maybe even rice pasta?), but I am trying to limit my intake of carbs, and I’d rather have rice in my stir fry instead of soup, so I left that out.

After it had all been simmering for a while, I decided it was too watery. I like my soup a little bit thick (think stew-like). While I wanted to avoid cornstarch, I read that arrowroot doesn’t hold up well with prolonged heat, so I did add a mixture of cornstarch and water (what is that called? Flurry? Slurry? Anyways…) which helped to thicken it up. So yeah….that’s my soup of the week. It was even good enough to offer to my friend. She said it was excellent! So that’s proof you don’t need a recipe…just an adventurous spirit! : )


An Adventure with Curry

I seem to have an insatiable craving for Asian food. I’ve branched out in the last year from egg rolls and stir fry to other dishes, like curry. Since I eat a lot of rice and chicken anyways, I figured it’d be fun to try making my own curry. I found a dairy free recipe here which uses coconut milk. So last night I was in the mood to experiment, and made my first curry! I was ready for it to be an epic fail, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it turned out! I halved the recipe for just one serving, but then I ended up having to add more broth and milk at the end because it had reduced so much. I didn’t want the rice to absorb all the curry, I wanted to have some extra sauce. I also didn’t have all the seasonings on the list, so I made do with curry power, chili powder, lots of garlic, and my all-time favorite seasoning: ginger! It was a bit on the spicy side, which I didn’t really mind. I don’t have much tolerance for spice, but I do enjoy eating foods that are a little too spicy. Maybe I like the sensation of my tongue burning? Haha…

I’ve been reading up on ways to  improve circulation, since I think I might have Raynaud’s Disease. Everywhere I read, they say to eat spicy foods! That should also help with the remaining congestion I have. So I am excited to have another delicious spicy food recipe!

I couldn’t remember what veggies traditionally go with yellow curry, but I didn’t have a lot of options anyways, so I threw in a mix of frozen Thai-style stir fry veggies. It was okay, but probably isn’t the ideal veggie complement. So I’ll have to do some research before my next curry and try something else!

But overall, it was surprisingly successful. I thought making curry would be this very difficult and daunting process, but it was a lot easier than I had anticipated.

In Lieu of Spaghetti

I’ve been missing my starch and dairy laden foods…like pizza and pasta. And then one day I realized that with brown rice pasta, I could probably satisfy my cravings pretty nicely!




I decided to sauté some veggies to go with the pasta, and I’ll throw in some leftover chicken from this weekend. The pasta sauce is really neat, it has sweet potatoes and other veggies which give it a unique flavor!



Brown rice pasta
Spaghetti sauce
Mixed veggies
Olive oil
Cooked chicken

While the pasta is cooking, sauté the veggies with oil. Use salt, pepper, and basil. Add the chicken and sauce to the veggies so they warm up. After the pasta is done, mix everything together and enjoy!